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MongoDB Certification BootCamp – Level 3

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Duration: 2 Days


This course is a hands-on MongoDB course, which focuses on advanced concepts of MongoDB. Here we dive deep into all the aspects of MongoDB which would provide the skill and knowledge to provide quality consulting on MongoDB. We also have sample tests to help you gain experience in the type of questions and  format of MongoDB Certified DBA - C100DBA certification exam.

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  • To gain deep understanding of MongoDB concepts including CRUD,  availability, scalability, performance tuning, server administration and maintenance
  • To attain skills to take up MongoDB C100DBA Certification

Who Should Attend

  • Database Administrators who wants to understand advanced MongoDB concepts on aggregation and deploy a highly available and scalable sharded cluster
  • Database administrations who want to attain the knowledge and skill to take up MongoDB C100DBA Certification


This is not a beginners MongoDB course. Basic understanding of installing and working with MongoDB is necessary.


  1. MongoDB Essentials course offered by CloudThat

  1. Knowledge about installing MongoDB in unix, Basics of CRUD Operations, aggregation framework, replication and sharding.

Course Outline

1. MongoDB Essentials – Recap

1.1 Emergence of NoSQL

1.2 Types of NoSQL Databases

1.3 MongoDB Concepts

1.4 The Mongo Shell

1.5 Basic CRUD Operations

1.6 Availability, Scalability Concepts


2. Advanced MongoDB Concepts

2.1 CRUD Operations

2.1.1 insert, bulkInsert

2.1.2 find, findOne() – $lt, $lte. $gt, $gte, $ne, $in, $nin, $or, $exists

2.1.3 cursor operations – limits, skips, sorts

2.1.4 update – $set, $unset, $inc, $push, $each, $addToSet, multiupdate

2.1.5 upsert & findAndModify

2.1.6 remove, $pop, $pull

2.2 Aggregation Framework

2.2.1 Aggregation Pipeline

2.2.2 Aggregation Reducers & Commands ( count, distinct )

2.2.3 Aggregation pipeline Optimization and Limits

2.2.4 Aggregation Examples

2.3 Schema Design in MongoDB

2.3.1 Normalization Vs Denormalization

2.3.2 Schema Design – Linking and Embedding

2.3.3 Importing / Exporting mongoDB Database


a. Working with Mongo Shell

- Importing predefined collections and documents

- Performing CRUD Operations on Mongo

b. Aggregation Framework

- Import Database and collections

- Aggregation Operations


3. MongoDB Availability – Replication

3.1 Replication Introduction – Recap

3.2 Replication Mechanisms – The Oplog, Member States

3.3 Replica Set Configuration, Election & Rollbacks

3.5 Read preference and write concern

3.6 Replica Set Administration



a. Start 3 machines on AWS with MongoDB installed

b. Replica Set Configuration

c. Add an arbiter & hidden member to the replicaset

d. Configure slaveDelay

e. Update slaveOk to true


4. MongoDB Scalability – Sharding

4.1 Introduction to Sharding – Recap

4.2 Components of a sharded cluster

4.3 The Config Database

4.4 Journaling in MongoDB

4.5 When to shard & Choosing a Shard Key

4.6 Setting up sharded cluster on AWS



a. Deploying a sharded cluster on AWS

b. Enabling Sharding for a collection with hashed shard key

c. Working with a Sharded Collection


5. Indexing in MongoDB

5.1 Introduction to Indexes

5.2 Types and properties of indexes

5.3 Covered Query Indexes

5.4 How $ operators use indexes

5.5 Creating & Working with Indexes on replicaset set & Sharded Cluster

5.6 Monitor query performance – explain & hint



a. Creating simple, compound & Multi Key Index

b. Checking covered query

c. Multiple indexes for single query ( $or Operator )


6. Server and Application Administration

6.1 Authentication & Authorization

6.2 Using mongostat & mongotop

6.3 Maintenance & Backup

6.4 MongoDB Management Service


a. Creating Users and permissions on MongoDB

b. Enabling authentication

c. Backup a sharded Cluster

d. Set Up MMS for the Sharded Cluster


About The Trainer

Sankeerth Reddy G
Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer

sankeerthSankeerth is an Amazon Certified Solutions Architect with many years of experience working with Amazon Web Services (AWS). He also has certification from MongoDB and specializes in running MongoDB cluster on AWS. He has experience in architecting and managing MongoDB cluster with Multiple Shards on AWS, which does 1000+ requests per second at peak. He currently leads a CloudThat consulting team and has been involved in various large and complex global clients, some of them being in the top 100 most visited sites in USA. He has architected various solutions on AWS, and managed deployments using AWS. In his previous tenure at TCS, he has worked on developing and deploying internal applications on AWS cloud.

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