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Chef Essentials – Level 2


Duration: 2 Days


With the advent of cloud computing, resource provisioning (launching servers etc.) became really fast while configuration management & managing the fleet of large number of cloud servers still remains a bottleneck for a long time. Chef (previously OpsCode Chef) is an enterprise tool that fills the gap and makes resource management very agile.

This course covers the concepts of DevOps & configuration management tool Chef in specific. As part of this course, you’ll also execute lab some exercises that’ll give you a good balance of both theory & labs. You’ll learn about the concepts of cookbooks, recipes, roles & attributes. And how to use a central chef-server to manage the configuration while working with large fleet of machines.

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  • To attain fundamental understanding of concepts of DevOps & Chef configuration Management Tool
  • To learn to write Chef recipes & cookbooks manage onpremise or cloud servers
  • To setup & configure a multi-node environment with hosted chef server
  • Be able to understand security concepts of Chef & utilize it effectively for your use-case

Who Should Attend

  • Developers who wants to explore the system administration & configuration domain.

  • IT professionals who want to get started with a DevOps tool.

  • System Admins who are managing large scale server fleet & wants to bring in automation to their fleet.

  • IT professionals who are using on-premise or cloud servers for their application & want to reduce the time it takes to configure these servers before they can use it.

  • IT Architects who want to learn about configuration automation & want to have hands on experience on chef.

  • System Administrators that want to be able to manage cloud servers and networks without really doing it manually.

  • Decision makers who want to evaluate Chef for their companies.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However familiarity with IT environments & server administration for at least 6 months would be beneficial.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to DevOps & Chef

  2. Chef Basics

    • Basic of Ruby

    • Ohai

    • Policies

    • Cookbooks /Recipes

    • Resources

  3. Introduction to Vagrant

    • Setting up Vagrant for course labs

  4. Chef Client

    • Configure Chef Solo

    • Use Knife to Create Cookbooks

    • Templates

    • Attributes

    • Hands-on: Use Chef-Solo on Vagrant to install packages & work with services. Work with cookbook files & templates

  5. Chef Server

    • Enterprise Chef

    • Open Source Chef

    • Using Hosted (Enterprise) Chef

    • Hands-on: Upload already created cookbook to Chef Server using Knife. Bootstrap a node with uploaded cookbook

  6. Chef Roles

    • Setting up roles

    • Setting up run-list

    • Hands-on: Enhance already created cookbooks for a web-server role. Create additional cookbook for database server role (MySQL)

  7. Chef Environments

    • Setting up Environments

    • Version controlling cookbooks for different environments

    • Hands-on: Update cookbook’s metadata for different production/staging environment. Setup Environments on Chef-Server

  8. Deployments using Chef

    • Knife EC2 & Search

      • Demo

    • Using public cookbooks

    • Cookbook Notifications

  9. Chef Security

    • Managing Security with hosted chef

    • Validation Keys

    • Users/Group Permissions

About The Trainer

Himanshu Sachdeva
Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

Himanshu has been developing/architecting IT applications for over 9 years & is working in cloud computing domain for about 5 years. He holds expertise in various cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services,, Google App Engine etc. and has designed large & complex applications for some of the major international companies. He was involved in algorithmic research during earlier part of his career & carries strong foundation in field of computing. Himanshu is very passionate about technology & keeps himself abreast of latest tech trends.

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